On Home Avenue (US 68)
Xenia, Ohio 45385

09-13-2005: Xenia, Ohio in Greene County. Ohio Soldier's & Sailor's Orphanage , (OSSO), also know as the Ohio Veteren's Childern's Home , (OVCH), where George, Ralph and Nellie Swadner lived in the 1890's to the early 1900's. It is located on the US 68, aka Home Avenue, south of downtown Xenia.
This is a map of The Children's Home. The property was originally 225 acres of land. They raised cows and chickens, grew much of their own food and made their own shoes and clothes, too. All the students who attended OSSO learned a trade. OSSO was opened in 1868 and closed about 1994. It then became a white elephant for Greene County. It was sold several years ago to Legacy International who have a retirement home there as well as school children, a radio station and various other projects in the works. The original cottages where the children lived have long been demolished.
This is the Administration building which housed the OSSO offices.
This is Armory Hall. Legacy is planning to renovate it soon.
This is Collier Chapel where all the children attended church every Sunday.
This is on the back side of Collier Chapel. These are the graves where children who died of cholera and the like are buried.
This is the museum on the property. It was closed the day I was there. AXP is the "Alumni of Ex-Pupil's". The museum is currently run by former resident, Bob Impson. He is retired and can be called at 937-766-5709 to arrange a private tour.